All in Trump

The Democrats and The Resistance

Donald Trump is president and Republicans control just about everything. Meanwhile Democratic Party leaders who paved the way for this Republican resurgence seem to view themselves as natural leaders in the fight against Trump, known as the “Resistance.” But are they up to the challenge?

Growing Resistance Says No to Betsy DeVos

It’s going to be a long night for Senate Democrats. Responding to a growing number of Americans upset at Trump’s pick for education secretary, Democrats are holding the Senate floor throughout the night and into the morning, as they try to convince one more Republican to switch their vote.

Dear Donald, Meet Your Councilmember

In just a month you’ll not only become president of the United States but also a resident of the District of Columbia. To help smooth your transition to D.C. (where you’re not too popular), I’ll be briefing you on local issues. Let’s begin with your local representative.